1. Select: Direct the dealer to the Autoxplorer templates page to select a template and fill out a style form for the template they want to use.

  2. Collect: Obtain all required and optional information. note: some info will be display on the website, make sure its correct.

  3. Domain: Purchase a new domain if they don't have already have one.

  4. Inventory: AutoXplorer techs must create at least one vehicle in autoxdb before site can go live.

  5. Content: A good website needs good content (i.e. images, text etc...), so make sure they understand we will use default images, text and styling if they don't give use their dealerships custom content. note: Autoxplorer charges for custom banners, logo editing and any image resizing needed for their custom content.

  6. Follow-up: Loyal and happy customers are created with good customer service. Most dealers do not have custom content ready when they want us to build them a new site, which means they get stuck with generic text and images. This can leave them feeling cheated with buyers remorse. A simple follow up phone call or email requesting a custom "about us" will go a long way in creating Happy and Loyal customers.







Dealer Rep Status Issues Requests Edit Start Date
Test Dealer 3 - 3033 October 30, 2014
Dealer 2 - 3011 October 10, 2014
Demo Auto Sales - 2819 October 8, 2014