Affiliate Bond and Lot Insurance

Sponser Programe:

AutoXplorer is a powerful F & I software that is being distributed to used car dealership nation wide. We believe that the only way that you can get your services effectively advertised is through the AutoXplorer software. We have many members and sponsors that make it possible for the dealers to receive the program for less than 50% of our competitors price. In return we ask the dealers to work with our members and sponsors. Imagine every day when the dealers sign on to the AutoXplorer, they will see your company logo and advertising. We would also link your web site to our web site . You would also benefit from the following:


We will advertise your Logo on every AutoXplorer sent out in the state you specify.
All advertising done by the Company including conventions will feature Sponsor’s Logo and your AD.
Sponsors Logo will be advertised in
Your advertising brochures or business cards will be sent out with every package
Your company information will be advertised to our existing customer when their AutoXplorer gets upgraded.

There is only one way to get results, and that is to advertise in the AutoXplorer software. To become an AutoXplorer Member and enjoy all the benefits please contact us today at 800-955-6719 or email us at.